Producer, Bassist, Bandleader

Currently, I am…

…finishing up bass tracks for a new record by Janelle Faiman, produced by my old friend Chris Dauphin.

…playing a couple shows the next two weekends with Ty Herndon and performing on the Grand Ole Opry next Tuesday, August 30 with Terri Clark.

…gearing up for the Canadian Country Music Awards.  I will be playing on the televised program with Terri Clark and most likely an EMI After Party as well.  Also on the trip will be the lovely RyLee Madison (my wife), taking care of some business of her own for the release of her new record, Where Does The Time Go, that RyLee and I co-produced.

After the CCMA’s, RyLee and I will heading to Nova Scotia to celebrate her grandparents’ 70th anniversary.  Wow!  Then I’ll be flying back to Nashville in time to rehearse for a couple days with Terri and the band, then get on the bus and head right back to Nova Scotia where we will begin a 24-city tour across Canada.  The tour begins on September 30 in Halifax and ends on November 6 in Grand Prairie, Alberta.

One response

  1. Lori Alexander

    Enjoy your Opry gig!! How exciting for you!!

    August 24, 2011 at 2:39 pm

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