Producer, Bassist, Bandleader


Do you need a bass track on your recording? 

Clay Krasner provides high quality professional bass tracks at affordable rates to artists, songwriters, producers and publishers via the internet from his home studio in Nashville, TN. With budget constraints and home studios being commonplace, more and more recordings are being done with songs assembled one or two tracks at a time.

With internet sessions, you don’t have to be a slave to the clock, worrying about paying extra because you haven’t quite captured that magic take yet or fleshed out the perfectly crafted part that’s best for the song.  Clay charges a reasonable flat rate for each song, with discounts available for multiple tracks.  And there are no more geographic issues from not being in the same location as the musicians who play on your project.  With just a little communication, tracks can be completed to your satisfaction quite easily and then delivered to you anywhere via the internet or even regular mail.

Here is a partial list of gear available to get the sound you need:

  • ’91 Music Man Stingray 5
  • ’02 Music Man Stingray 5 Fretless
  • ’64 Fender Precision
  • Epiphone Jack Casady signature bass
  • Teegarden Audio Magic Pre (mic preamp)
  • Chandler Limited RS124 compressor
  • Fatboy Tube DI
  • Avalon U5 DI/Preamp
  • Origin Effects Cali76 bass compressor
  • Aguilar DB 924 Preamp
  • Oscartone (outboard tone circuit)
  • Creation Audio Labs Grizzly Bass (overdrive, distortion and tone shaping)
  • Apogee audio interface
  • Pro Tools 11
“These tracks are awesome, man. Great tone and perfect parts!” 
– Jordan O. (Vancouver, BC)

Why should I get bass tracks done online with Clay?

Clay Krasner is a Nashville based professional bass player who has toured all over the world and recorded with many artists of varying styles from throughout the US, Canada, Europe and New Zealand. As a bassist, Clay has played on hundreds of demos, custom projects and independent international releases for a vast range of artists in country, gospel, rock, or singer/songwriter. Clay is available to do bass overdubs remotely from his home studio in Nashville, TN, providing professional bass tracks at affordable rates to artists, songwriters, producers and publishers all around the world.

Project studios are considerably more common these days, and more and more people are recording at home as well. But whether you have a home studio or are an independent studio owner/operator, quality bass tracks from an experienced professional Nashville bassist are accessible to you at a reasonable cost. Clay will overdub a solid, tasteful bass part that will work with the song. Even if it involves simply replacing a programmed bass part, you will get all the subtleties and nuance that only real live bass can offer.

If you’re looking for fretted, fretless, modern, vintage, 4-string, 5-string, roundwounds, flatwounds, fingers or pick, Clay has them all covered. Along with a variety of basses and a quality collection of professional gear, Clay has the skill to achieve the bass sound that’s right for your tracks.

“Working with Clay from Nashville Bass Tracks was a producer’s dream! He took my vision for the song to a whole new level, paying close attention to my input and giving the song that elusive ‘Something Special’ that the best Nashville recordings are renown for.”
— Scott Ferguson, Ferguson Music Productions, Dartmouth, NS Canada

The Process

The process of getting tracks recorded and shared via the internet is a simple and effective way of adding solid, tasteful bass parts to your projects by an experienced professional without leaving the comfort of your home and without the expense of hiring someone to come to your studio, paying for cartage, etc. Clay Krasner offers a high quality, affordable alternative. Pricing includes at least two takes or options plus a couple revisions or fixes within reason. Your satisfaction is the ultimate goal!

“Clay understands the fundamentals of a commercial bass track and is more of an artist than just a musician. His broad range of styles and willingness to ‘put himself into the song’ no matter what level it may be at make this bassist incredibly easy to work with. His tone, timing, tuning, taste and eagerness to please make him a fine addition to Nashville’s A-list session community.”
–- Jacob Rice, Nashville producer

This sounds great! How do I get started?

Simply reach out to Clay directly via email to get the ball rolling. He will follow up with you so you can discuss what your needs and wants are for your project. Once there is an agreement on musical goals, price and a deadline, instructions on sending files will be provided.


“Clay is an outstanding bass player who’s got it all: tone, taste and most importantly the FEEL! He’s absolutely at the top of my short ‘call list’ and now with his own studio my job just got even easier. He always brings something new to the song and takes my tracks to the next level!”

–- Shayne Hill, lead guitarist for Sawyer Brown / producer / songwriter


Email for specific rates, to discuss your vision for your music and to arrange for Clay to play on your next project.

Check out the tracks below to hear some samples of Clay’s bass work in the last few years. And visit the official site: