Producer, Bassist, Bandleader


“When putting together a recording session, live band or even selecting a producer, it’s more than just great talent you’re looking for. You need a winning attitude, someone who is excellent with people, and an intolerance of the ‘good enough’. Clay Krasner is one of those very talented guys who stands head and shoulders above the rest. It’s a very competitive market and you need every advantage you can get. Get Clay. He’s at the top of my list.”
Stephen Marshall, artist / musician / producer

“As a producer and songwriter, Clay Krasner has become my first call for bass tracks on every project that I’m involved in.  His speed in chart reading and innovation when creating parts is first rate.”

— Steve Fox, award-winning Canadian songwriter / artist / producer


“Clay is an outstanding bass player who’s got it all: tone, taste and most importantly the FEEL!  He’s absolutely at the top of my short ‘call list’ and now with his own studio my job just got even easier.  He always brings something new to the song and takes my tracks to the next level!”
— Shayne Hill, lead guitarist for Sawyer Brown / producer / songwriter


“Clay Krasner is, without question, one of my favorite bassists to make music with. Both on stage and in the studio, every experience has been a genuine pleasure for me. He has a great sound, a tremendously mature sense for pocket and timing, and a musical sensibility that’s clearly indicative of a serious dedication to his instrument and the art of music-making. He is effortless to play with – in fact he makes me feel like my kick drum is playing the bass notes – and with his truly entertaining sense of humor and positive, humble attitude, Clay is simply a delight to work with.”
Jason Cheek, former drummer for Terri Clark / producer (Candler Recording, Nashville, TN)

“Working with Clay from Nashville Bass Tracks was a producer’s dream! He took my vision for the song to a whole new level, paying close attention to my input and giving the song that elusive ‘Something Special’ that the best Nashville recordings are renown for.”
Scott Ferguson, Ferguson Music Productions, Dartmouth, NS, Canada

“Great tracks are built upon a solid low end. As a working producer and musician in Nashville, I have had the opportunity to work with countless “pro” bass players. Clay Krasner is one of the only professional bass players/musicians that I have worked with who can raise the quality of an entire project with a bass line. His attention to detail, musical IQ, creativity, tone and professionalism makes him my go-to session bassist for my projects.”
Chris Dauphin, producer/musician

“Not only did Clay lay down some great bass tracks on my latest record, he helped coordinate the players and studio for a couple of tracks which turned out beautifully. He is an all-around musical dude with vast experience as band leader for many years in a live setting which is now carrying over to his arrangement and production skills with the latest RyLee Madison record. You could say he has all the ‘basses’ covered!”
David Leask, award winning singer/songwriter

“I’ve worked with Clay for many years in both live and studio settings. Clay is a pro, always bringing an enthusiasm to the session or show. I’m excited he has successfully moved into the production role, as well, with fantastic recognition and response for the recording projects he’s guided.”
Jason Collum, producer/Sorted Noise artist brand building

“Clay is not only a wonderful talent, but a pleasure to travel and work with, as a person. He works hard and takes pride in what he does and it definitely shows. I feel he is a true asset to my touring organization.”
Terri Clark, multi-platinum selling country music recording artist

“I had the privilege of meeting Clay Krasner when I was recording my second album in Nashville back in 2008. Clay was playing bass guitar on the sessions and did such an amazing job with such tasteful playing. Since then I have been fortunate to stay with Clay and his wife RyLee at their home in Nashville as I pursue a songwriting/music career. I had the opportunity of showcasing in Nashville a few years ago and had to put together a band. So who better to call than Clay Krasner! He organized a band of Nashville’s hottest musicians, set up rehearsals, organized song material, and handled everything. Without Clay, I would not have been able to put it all together in such a short period of time. If you have a chance to work alongside Clay, he is a one of a kind guy and I highly recommend it. He puts his heart and soul into everything he does. I am proud to call him a good friend and count myself very lucky to have gotten to work with him on various projects.”

Codie Prevost, Canadian country artist – 2013 Saskatchewan Country Music Association Male Vocalist of the Year & Entertainer of the Year

“Versatile in any style including jazz, rock, Latin, country and legit. He is always ‘on time!’ (Pun intended.)”
Jim Christensen, Arranger-Conductor, Walt Disney Company