Producer, Bassist, Bandleader

New year, new website!

Hi everyone! With the start of the new year tends to come some reevaluating of life, career and the way we tend to operate in every facet of our lives. Am I right? Well, after reflecting on my online presence and thinking about how I have been trying to keep up with the crazy techno rat race with websites like My Space, Reverb Nation and Facebook, I thought it would be nice to start 2011 by entering yet another new world and implement a fairly comprehensive multi-faceted online home.

Here I hope to provide a central location to do the following:

  • Tell you a little about me (on the Biography page)
  • Inform about services I offer  (playing bass – live and in studiobandleader, chart writing, teaching)
  • List upcoming performances
  • Post the occasional blog
  • Have a music section on the site so you can easily listen to several recordings I have played bass on (click here)
  • Link you to some other wonderful people, colleagues and companies I have the pleasure of being associated with.

So please make yourself at home here.  I will update the site to keep it fresh as often as possible.



One response

  1. Hi Clay,

    Just wanted to say hey to my awesome bro!!

    February 28, 2011 at 5:25 pm

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