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Busy 2015

Hey friends,

2015 has been a wonderful year! I’ve been quiet lately as RyLee and I have been very busy with a variety of projects. That said, here is a brief breakdown of what’s been going on (along with some shameless plugging). Here we go…

It’s been a busy year for our music production company, 7-17 Music. We have completed production on EP’s for artists Stephanie Rose from Saskatchewan, Canada, and Ben Klick from British Columbia, Canada. Both of these young artists are talented writers and singers and absolutely amazing people! It’s been a real pleasure and a privilege for RyLee and I to be involved in this early stage of each of their careers and we are happy to have them in the 7-17 Music family. You can hear samples from their records in the 7-17 Music Production sampler playlist, along with bits of other projects we have been a part of the last few years.

Ever the creative individual, my wife RyLee brewed up a different projects this year. Working them almost simultaneously, we recorded a new RyLee Madison EP called Live In Nashville and filmed a web series named RyLee’s Roost. As the title of the EP indicates, it truly was a “live” recording as there were no edits. We simply recorded each song 3 or 4 times and chose the best take of each song for the record. In addition to RyLee’s beautiful voice and fantastic songwriting, she is accompanied by yours truly (acoustic guitar/vocals) and our good friend Scott Bernard (acoustic guitar/vocals) with additional support by Joe Fick (upright bass), Kris Richards (gandolin). Special appearances by a couple other friends, uber talented young Canadian country artist Tenille and Lorrie Carter Bennett, daughter of Anita Carter / granddaughter of country legend Maybelle Carter. Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention another friend, the crazy talented and mild mannered mad scientist Justin Burns, who was able to capture all the audio and video (for both the EP and the web series), mix everything AND do the photo shoots for the record. Check out Justin’s website:

RyLee’s Roost episodes are 7-10 minute segments that feature RyLee having conversations with guest artists in which they talk about life and music, followed by a performance of a song. Episodes 1 and 2 are already posted online and available for viewing! Episode 1 features country artist Michelle Wright and a performance of her top 10 hit “Take It Like A Man” and Episode 2 features our good friend Codie Prevost and a performance of the title from his most recent record, “All Kinds Of Crazy”. Several more episodes to come!

**Special thank you’s to Ryan Smith for all the Shure microphones (which were exclusively used on the new RyLee Madison EP), Tom Spaulding from D’Addario for the extra help and Soundcheck Nashville for a little extra gear to help us complete the recording.

RyLee and I actually had a few days of a vacation this year and spent some time in Nova Scotia at a little place of our own. We were in Halifax from September 10-13 for Country Music Week and the Canadian Country Music Awards and hosted a pre-release / launch party for RyLee’s new EP. Otherwise, there was a lot of general taking care of business, seeing old friends, making new friends, and hearing some wonderful independent Canadian talent.

Of course, I’m still touring with Terri Clark, playing mostly around the US this year with limited Canadian exposure. It’s always a blast on the road with the Terri Clark family as each person in the band and crew is wonderful at his/her job respective job and such a great hang. Terri included! You know it’s good when the people you work with are also ones you would choose to hang with “off the clock”. Off the road, I’ve been adding low end to several projects for other people as well. A few notable people in that list are Grammy-winning producer Randy Kohrs, Jacob Rice, Shayne Hill (lead guitarist for Sawyer Brown and uber talented friend) and up and coming artist Chris Bullard.

As always, a HUGE thank you to DR Strings, Planet Waves cables and Templeboards for your fantastic products and amazing support!

To those who regularly read this little updates, thanks for hanging around. To those who might be new, thanks for joining me here! You can all find me on Facebook and Twitter and my other website, Nashville Bass Tracks, devoted to remote bass tracking from my home studio just outside of Nashville, TN. Look around the site here and find an updated tour calendar, info about our production company 7-17 Music along with a great playlist including some samples of our production work, and lots more.

Signing off for now…. Peace and low notes!

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