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Merry Christmas!


Home for the holidays

I haven’t posted anything in a couple months so here goes….

The Terri Clark “Roots & Wings” tour was a great success.  We played several sold out shows in arenas, theaters and casinos all across Canada.  Every member of the band and crew respectively is so great at what he or she does that it makes each “work” day so easy.  On top of that, the hang time (and there is lots of that — on the bus, in hotel rooms, backstage green rooms, etc.) is effortless as everyone has a wonderful personality and tends to be very considerate of others.  What more could anyone ask for?  (I am posting a video at the bottom of this post of the opening of the show as experienced at a sold out show at the Red Robinson Theatre in Coquitlam, BC, right outside of Vancouver.)

My wife RyLee and I are both back in Nashville now after spending so much of the year away.  We both love to travel but it is always a good feeling to walk back in the door of our own home in Nashville.  That said, however, RyLee and I do have some plans for a little personal holiday travel to spend time with family and a few good friends.

On a professional note, I have updated the site here with some early scheduled tour dates for 2012.  Terri Clark has some tour dates booked in the US and Canada.  I will also be heading to Europe with her for some shows in June.  Currently, it looks like we will be stopping in Switzerland, Italy and Norway.  I will keep you posted with any developments in the 2012 Shows section under “LIVE”.

That’s all for now.  If I don’t get back with a new post in the next couple weeks, have a very Merry Christmas and a happy and blessed New Year!


Terri Clark – Live in Coquitlam, BC (2011 show intro / Wrecking Ball)
*This video was recorded using an iPhone so you’ll understand why the audio quality is not ideal.  I’m the guy on the riser across from the drummer playing bass and singing the low harmony part

The tour

Well, here we are in Toronto for a couple days off on the tour.  Things are going amazingly well so far.  The shows are practically all sold out and our audiences have been extremely enthusiastic.  Smaller theaters are nice for keeping the band close and being a little more intimate with the audience but the larger venues (2,000 – 4,000 seats) are proving especially great to show off our wares with the staging, not to mention offering a larger palette for George, our lighting wizard, to really work his magic.  The shows not only sound great but they also look fantastic.  We are stoked!

Today was the day for us guys in the band and crew to take a journey to Niagara Falls (the Canadian side).  Terri graciously gave us the tour bus for the day so we got our bus driver to take us on the hour + trip to Niagara Falls for some down time.  Kinda felt like a school field trip!  Props to Dave for putting up with all of us.  To top it all off, the weather couldn’t have been nicer.

Days off are going to be few and far between from here on out.  We are cooking with gas now, so to speak, and we’ll be rocking through more dates in Ontario and a couple shows in Winnipeg, MB, where we plan to visit the manufacturing facility of Levy’s Leathers, the makers of high quality leather and nylon guitar straps, gig bags and other music accessories.  (They also make gun and knife cases and belts.)  From there we head into Saskatchewan, British Columbia, finishing up with a string of dates in Terri’s home province of Alberta.

See you later on the road…


And so it begins

That’s right, everyone.  Tonight the bus rolls out of Nashville for a 6-week tour.  Terri Clark is headlining shows all across Canada.  25 shows to be exact.  A few venues will be getting a double dose as we have two-show engagements in their towns.  What towns, you ask?  Tweed, ON, Winnipeg, MB and Regina, SK.  The first show of this tour is on Friday, Sept 30 in Halifax, NS and the last show on Sunday, Nov 6 in Grand Prairie, AB.  Check the 2011 Shows page on my site, or visit for a complete list of dates.

And the winner is…

The 2011 CCMA Female Artist of the Year is Terri Clark!

Our whole band was very excited for Terri as she won last night. That only served to amp us up even more for our performance on the show later on. We had a great time performing Terri’s current hit, Here For A Good Time, a remake of a popular song by 80’s Canadian band Trooper.

RyLee and I are now working on logistics as we are doing radio station visits for the next couple days between western Ontario and Halifax, Nova Scotia. We are playing a house concert in Halifax on Saturday (9/17) followed by some family time.

See you down the road…

Currently, I am…

…finishing up bass tracks for a new record by Janelle Faiman, produced by my old friend Chris Dauphin.

…playing a couple shows the next two weekends with Ty Herndon and performing on the Grand Ole Opry next Tuesday, August 30 with Terri Clark.

…gearing up for the Canadian Country Music Awards.  I will be playing on the televised program with Terri Clark and most likely an EMI After Party as well.  Also on the trip will be the lovely RyLee Madison (my wife), taking care of some business of her own for the release of her new record, Where Does The Time Go, that RyLee and I co-produced.

After the CCMA’s, RyLee and I will heading to Nova Scotia to celebrate her grandparents’ 70th anniversary.  Wow!  Then I’ll be flying back to Nashville in time to rehearse for a couple days with Terri and the band, then get on the bus and head right back to Nova Scotia where we will begin a 24-city tour across Canada.  The tour begins on September 30 in Halifax and ends on November 6 in Grand Prairie, Alberta.

New year, new website!

Hi everyone! With the start of the new year tends to come some reevaluating of life, career and the way we tend to operate in every facet of our lives. Am I right? Well, after reflecting on my online presence and thinking about how I have been trying to keep up with the crazy techno rat race with websites like My Space, Reverb Nation and Facebook, I thought it would be nice to start 2011 by entering yet another new world and implement a fairly comprehensive multi-faceted online home.

Here I hope to provide a central location to do the following:

  • Tell you a little about me (on the Biography page)
  • Inform about services I offer  (playing bass – live and in studiobandleader, chart writing, teaching)
  • List upcoming performances
  • Post the occasional blog
  • Have a music section on the site so you can easily listen to several recordings I have played bass on (click here)
  • Link you to some other wonderful people, colleagues and companies I have the pleasure of being associated with.

So please make yourself at home here.  I will update the site to keep it fresh as often as possible.