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Interview on CBC Radio in Canada and more…

It always feels like forever between postings here.  I probably need to work on posting and/or blogging more often.  Maybe?  I mean, who’s reading this?  Can I get a show of hands of anyone sitting in front of their laptop or desktop computer who has some interest in what’s happening in the world of Clay?  Better yet, send me a message via email and let me know you’re following.  Well, that’s enough false humility for today.  It seems like that is the status quo with so many music industry folks I’ve worked with over the years.  Denigrate myself in order that others don’t think I’m boasting or so I don’t unwittingly make someone feel bad for anything they maybe haven’t done?  Oh well… I’m ranting.

Having said all that, here’s a little something about me!  Ha ha…

This past September, after playing at the Canadian Country Music Awards with Terri Clark, my wife RyLee and I drove from Toronto, Ontario all the way to Halifax, Nova Scotia, visiting a few radio stations and plugging her new record, Where Does The Time Go.  We were invited to the studios of CBC (similar to NPR here in the States) and spent a good bit of one afternoon sharing stories about the new record, how we worked together and the journey RyLee’s life has taken since her last release in 2006.  You can listen to the broadcast here: CBC archives of Island Echoes – RyLee Madison.

Currently, I’m gearing up for a few shows with Terri Clark in Canada at the end of March.  I am also excited about a couple recording sessions around the corner.  One is a worship record produced by Jason Cheek, the drummer I work with Terri Clark’s band; the other project is for a female country/pop duo on Universal Switzerland called the Enderlin Chicks.  That project is being produced by my good pal Mason Embry.  I will update you information and sound bytes from the sessions as time progresses.

That’s all for now.

Peace and low notes,

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